SEMO would like to thank.......

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SEMO would like to thank.......

Kris Hartman for doing the MAJORITY of the event planning.

Bobcat for handling the flyer and registration organization.

Ray Shaw for site improvements such as mowing and the building of the massive bonfire with his tractor.

Gary Resch for staying up all night and smoking the hog for the howdy party.

the entire Little Egypt Grotto for letting us use their canopy for the cave trip signup tent and helping us with the MVOR. This wouldn't have happened without your help!

Paul Hauck, Richard Young, Edmund Tucker, Gary Resch, Dan Ellison, Phillip Ellison, Chris Doerhoff, Joe Nicolussi for leading cave trips, and for anyone else who helped lead impromptu cave trips.

Taedra Hickam for setting up the trash collection

Greatful Gary for the entertainment

Dan Weisbrod for manning the beer wagon.

Jon Donaldson for helping at registration.

Kristin Nicolussi and Nicole Doerhoff for helping organize all of the preregistration packets, I cannot stress how greatful we were for you helping us.

Jim Sherrell for printing the awesome T shirts, beer mug logos, and vehicle stickers.

Jake Wells for designing the T shirt art work, and putting together the guide book.

All of the land owners who let us enjoy showing off their caves.

Bruce and Gini Smith of On Rope 1 for driving all the way from Chattanooga, TN to sell their cave gear.

All of the businesses who donated door prizes.

Erin Tucker for decorating and helping put in time at the registration tent.

The land owners for letting us use their site.

The MMV Grotto for leading so many trips into Berome.


And last but not least, all of the attendee's of the MVOR. We were very impressed with how clean the campground was after everyone had departed the area sunday afternoon. Thanks again and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves at the campground and in the caves. Thankfully there were no serious injuries, always a concern when so many trips are going on at a MVOR!


If I have forgotten to thank anyone I truly do apologize.


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