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Terms of Service

  • I certify that I am over 18 years old.
  • I am responsible (legally/morally/ethically) for my post.
  • I will behave.
  • I hold MVOR.org, its developers, its administrators, board members, and other participants, not responsible for any damages.
  • My account can be terminated at any time for any reason with no recourse nor appeal.
  • I will receive emails and updates regarding this site and the MVOR.
  • These terms of use can be updated at anytime, and I am responsible for checking for updated terms.  If I do not agree with the new terms, I will contact the administrators and ask that my account be removed.
  • I agree to have my viewing and browsing habits monitored.  This will ensure that the site is maximized for the user experience.
  • I agree not to create a userid that suggests that I am an administrator or affiliated with the MVOR website.
  • I will not create an user account under someone else's name/credentials.
  • I understand that websites die and eventually I will lose all my information, and when this happens, I have no recourse.
  • I understand that this website is run by volunteers so the information displayed may not be up to date nor accurate.
  • By joining this website, I am not entitled to MVOR membership.
  • Everything on this website is subjective.  If I want more MVOR information, I will pursue it elsewhere.
  • My account can be disabled, removed, or delete at the sole discretion of the site administrator.


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