Some important new changes in the MVOR Constitution will be voted upon on May 2. Click HERE if you'd like more information.

It costs MVOR 75.4-cents to mail you a paper registration flyer. If you would like to save the region some money and receive your MVOR registration flyer by e-mail, please send a message to the new MVOR Secretary, Gary Gibula ( We then  GUARANTEE that you'll be e-mailed your next registration flyer, you'll know that you saved the Region a little money and you can be happy that you also saved the Planet by not needing the paper flyer!


Check out the latest and updated MVOR constitution.  If you would like to discuss it, post a topic to the forum.


MVOR Constitutional Changes

The committee appointed to review and research changes to the MVOR constiution have their recommendations.  You can view review their findings and comment on them in the forum.

At the Spring 2014 MVOR, the membership decided to donate to Dan Lamping $500 to promote his cave clean ups.  Dan, a teacher at Mehlville Highschool, has been taking his students into Cliff Cave which is located in St. Louis County.  He is using this opportunity to promote cave education and conservation.  His students have been doing an incredible job of removing graffiti.

Dan, his students, and Tony Schmitt

Tony Schmitt presenting to Dan Lamping the MVOR contribution of $500.


Another Great MVOR!

Thanks to Peg and Chouteau Grottos for hosting a great Fall MVOR.  There was fun, socializing, and several great onsite caves!

The weather was great and the site was perfect!


At the Spring/Summer 2013 MVOR, a great caver received a great award.  Tony Schmitt was awarded the Lester B Dill Award.    Tony has contributed significantly to the MVOR region.    He has mapped caves in Arkansas.  Tony has significantly participated in the Carol Cave project from the earliest moments.  Tony helped discover, map, and now manages six miles of Paulter Cave in Illinois.  Tony is instrumental in the CRF operations in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

Tony has supported the Meramec Valley Grotto and the Illinois Spelelogical Association by volunteering and being members of their boards.

Congratulations to Tony Schmitt, a caver's caver, for earning this award.


The MVOR has been rescheduled for July 12-14.

A recently released study, shows that cave exploring has a positive economic impact.


Thanks to outgoing MVOR President Jim Ruedin for his years of dedication and work.


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