Wednesday night camping

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Wednesday night camping

I will be driving from Kansas City over to the MVOR area Wednesday after work.  I need a place to park the camper and get some sleep before going on to the site Thursday morning.  Here are the thoughts I have ...  Is anyone else thinking along these lines?  Any suggestions?

1) Walmart parking lot at Perryville.  Yes, I have an RV.  Does anyone know if this Walmart allows overnighting on their lot?

2) 76 camping area.  Will it be open?

3) Magnolia Hollow Conservation Area.  Has anyone ever stayed there?

4) Rest area.  Might be dodgy, and I might get run out.

5) Someone in or near Perryville have a driveway I can park in for 12 hours?

6) There is a KOA in Perryville, but their rates are very high.  I don't want to pay $25 or more to stay there 12 hours.

Thanks - Bill Gee

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