Carbide-only trip?

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Grateful Gary
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Carbide-only trip?


Would anybody be interested in going on a "carbide only" cave trip at Spring MVOR?

I'm sure those of you who are 'carbide cavers' appreciate things like the lore and nostalgia of using the type of lighting used by the old timers, the fun of maintaining your carbide lamp with all its parts and fuel needs, and also the unique warm glow it provides as a caving light, not unlike walking around by candlelight.

So what if the entire group on that given cave trip were required to all use carbide? Think of the warm glow, think of the envy from those L.E.D. cavers as you drive away from the campground, think of the smell!

What we need is a leader from the host SEMO Grotto get on board with this idea, and then hear back from you carbide cavers here on the Forum to gauge the interest. I know at least myself and Chicago caver Phil Goldman want to do it! (Phil was the only carbide caver last Saturday at Mammoth Cave --he and I did the restoration weekend, well-organized I should say by Bill Copeland.)

Anyone else wanna do a carbide-only trip?


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