SEMO Sponsored cave trips into the longest caves in the state

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SEMO Sponsored cave trips into the longest caves in the state

Cave Trips. This MVOR is all about caving in the county with an extremely high concentration of caves. 

We will be offering trips to the following caves.

Mertz Cave. 2.1 miles of surveyed passage. This is the downstream portion of the Crevice Cave system with a large sinkhole collapse entrance which is 70 feet wide. Mainly large bore hole passage, easy for beginners.


Berome. 18 miles surveyed, 3rd longest cave in the state. We are working with the MCKC/MMV to set up limited trips into Berome per the management policy.

Mystery Cave. 15.842 miles surveyed, 4th longest cave in the state. Setting up a 4 hour loop trip led by members from the Little Egypt Grotto who has managed the cave since survey on this project began.

Rimstone River. 14.2 miles surveyed, 5th longest cave in the state. This is a river cave, wetsuits are mandatory, being in shape is mandatory, if you only cave a few times a year, this cave is not for you. This trip can be a 7 hour door to door trip if enough interest is given. This would be a water park for those who love water, and lots of it. Another trip can also be led from the Little Freesie entrance to Promise Falls, a 58' high waterfall cascade 800 feet of crawling from the entrance. 

Crevice Cave. 29.6 Miles surveyed and the longest cave in the state. Three trips will be offered. Crevice historic. There is a series of climb downs and chimneys with moderate exposure at this entrance. 44' high canyon passage, heavily decorated and convoluted.

Pipistrel entrance to the Paradise Room. This is a trip can can take 4 to 6 hours and is approximately 4.5 miles round trip, but you will see the most heavily decorated room in the entire cave, full of orange and red columns up to 25 feet tall. The paradise room is the 3rd largest room in the cave. Wetsuit not required, but you will get wet up to your waist unless you fall into a pothole that will swallow your body. Wetsuit booties and polypro is a must.

I plan on leading either one of two trips via Echo Pit into Crevice. Echo Pit is the deepest pit in Perry county at 127' from the surface. Vertical required, and my approval of your gear is also required. I do not want to get into a rescue situation due to someone getting in over their head and lying to me about their experience. I will be willing to take people in Echo Pit and out Pipistrel, which is approximately 4 miles and can be done in 4 to 5 hours, side stop at the Paradise Room as well.

If you read this in advance and are interested in the vertical trip, please email me at  

All trips will start early so if you want to cave in 4 of the top 5 caves in the state, please keep your partying to a minimum the night before, because hangovers on these trips will jeopardize the trips for those who didn't party the night before, as one sick or worn out caver turns the entire group around. Please keep that in mind when signing up for any of these trips. Our trip leaders will have to tend to the slowest caver first and foremost. We look forward to showing people what we have in our back yard.

Feel free to ask any questions as I will be happy to answer.


We take safety concerns very high on trips into these caves and the group as a whole will always be considered a priority.


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