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Thank You

Thanks OHG for a fun event, and I am glad the fire was a chicken coup, it fit your theme better anyways. Thanks to all the Cartographers, Chad McCain, Ben Miller, Josh Brewer, Bob Lerch, Dan Lamping, Jon Beard, and Joe Sikorski, for sharing all your hard work. Thanks to Bill Heim, Bill Copeland, Jim Minie, Ruthie Lanigan, Michael Wallace, Alicia Lewis-Wallace for help setting up and taking down the big tent.Thank you to Mark Andrich for watching the tent while I went surveying on Saturday. Thank you to Aaron Addison for printing the maps. And of course a huge big thank you to my wife Mary Banta-Schmitt, for helping set up, take down, move stuff, hang maps, and general all around support. It seriously could not happen with out you!

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