At the fall 2012 MVOR, new board members were added!  Alicia Wallace was elected President and Troy Atchison was elected Vice President.  Jim Donley was reelected Treasurer and Bryan Mcallister was reelected secretary.   If you have questions, please contact us.

How To Host an MVOR

Interested in hosting an MVOR, but have questions?  Below is a document that help you with hosting an MVOR.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

How To Host an MVOR

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At the Fall 2011 MVOR Business Meeting, the Ozark Highland Grotto placed a bid in for the Spring 2014 MVOR.  They are planning on hosting the MVOR in Barry County.  Check out the calendar page for dates to future MVORs.

On October 15, at the Fall 2011 MVOR, elections were held for the board.   All members of the board were reelected.   More information about the board is available, and you can contact the board if you have any questions

The Spring 2012 MVOR, hosted by the SEMO grotto, will be April 26-29.  If you have any questions, please post them to the forum.

Additional information on future MVORs can be seen on the calendar page.



BATL Grotto has updated their Fall 2011 MVOR site.  They have add lots of pictures of the campground and nearby river.  You can view the pictures at BATL's Fall 2011 MVOR site.




On July 9, 2011, Berome Moore Cave was dedicated.  This dedication was the final step of a lot of hard work by cavers with the Middle Mississippi Valley Grotto and the Missouri Cave and Karst Conservancy.  Berome Moore Cave,with access to her 17+ miles of passage, is now protected.  If you have any questions about the cave please contact the Middle  Mississippi Valley Grotto.  

Below are several pictures from the event.

MVOR President, Jim Ruedin and MVG Treasurer Mike Bennett


Jim Sherrell, the President of MMV, speaking to the crowd.


Jon Beard, President of the MCKC, addresses the crowd.


Jim Sherrell and the Mayor of Perryville prepare to dedicate the cave.

Dedication monument

Steve and Lorreto explore the bowels of Berome Moore Cave


DRUPAL has been redesigned and rebuilt.  The previous site was HTML and was time and resource consuming to updated.  The new site built using the Drupal Content Management System, will be quicker and easier to update. The new site will have more content and pages for reading and will have a better forum built into the site. 

If you have any questions about the site, please let us know.




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