Lester B Dill Award Recipients

1) Jerry Vineyard 1972 Missouri Springs Study, Co-founder of MSS. Set up cave catalog. Devil's Well exploration
2) Tom Aley 1973 Springs studies. Dye tracing field work and publications. Ozark Underground Laboratory
3) Ken Thompson 1974 Geologic studies in SW MO. Many fine cave maps.
4) Joe Walsh 1975 Exploration and mapping of Myster and Rimstone River caves in Perry Co. MO.
5) Tex Yokum 1976 Meramec Park Caves. Discovery and mapping of Berome Moore Cave system in Perry Co. MO.
6) John Schwartz 1977 Exploration and mapping in Dent and Perry counties.
7) Earl Biffle 1978 Organizer and first president/treasurer of the MVOR.
8) Al Quamen 1979 Perry County exploration and establishing good land owner relations.
9) Dwight Weaver 1980 Cave historian and researcher, Author of several cave books in MO. Authority on commercial caves
10) Jim Huckins 1981 Outstanding cave photographer.
11) Gene and Treva Gardner 1981 Investigational study of the biological diversity of Forest Service caves.
12) Mark Oliver 1982 Perry County cave studies including Miesner and Crevice.
13) Gary and Alberta Zumwalt 1983 Lake of the Ozark cave studies. Editors of the MSS LIASON.
14) Pam and Jerry Saberton 1984 Perry County cave studies.
15) Robert Taylor 1985 Mapping in Arkansas and Missouri
16) Sandy Trembley 1986 Berome Moore Project Director . Scout and youth group education
17) Don Rimbach 1988 Ozark springs studies. Work to stop the Meramec Dam.
18) David Neff 1990 Service to MSS, cave publishing, contributions to speleology.
19) Philip Moss 1992 Exploration of the Perry County sinkhole plain. Illinois cave study.
20) Paul Mills 1993 MVOR Treasurer
21) Jonathan Beard 1995
Contributions to mapping in SW MO; cave conservation technology, cave editor/writer.
22) Jim Sherrell 1996 Explorations in Perry and Oregon Counties
23) Don Toole 1998
Founding and shepherding Missouri Caves and Karst Conservancy.
24) Jane Fisher 2002
Contributions to hospitality and fellowship in the region, ambassador to non-cavers. 
25) Lawrence Ireland 2004
Work in cave biology, cooperation with MDC recording biodiversity and bioinventory. 
26) Donald Dunham 2006
Berome Moore Project Director, mapping, Editor numerous MVOR guidebooks and other publications
27) Earl Hancock 2008 Cave radio and  numerous contributions to speleology
28) Jo Schaper 2009
Numerous contributions to speleology, conservation, communications
29) Alicia Wallace 2010 Work with MCKC and the Cave State Plates
30) Ben Miller 2012 Cave Mapping and Hydrology work in the region
31) Tony Schmitt 2014 Caving mapping, CRF work, dedication to caving.
32) Bryan Mcallister 2014 Cave mapping and cave art.

Special thanks to Joe Walsh for providing the list of of Lester B. Dill award recipients and Jo Schaper for additional information.


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